Roll Your Joints Out

The most important thing I’ve learned this semester is all chi we can feel is defensive chi. It’s what creates our energy bubble. I knew that last bit, but it never occurred to me that the energy I use in Reiki is by default the same defensive energy. I learned this weeks ago and my… Continue reading Roll Your Joints Out


Scott O’Gara’s Art

In my defense, I did try to think about ways to talk about how much I love everything this human does, but I think his work speaks for itself. I'm opening this blog post with my favorite series he's done so far. This is his Male Gaze series from a few years ago. Every time… Continue reading Scott O’Gara’s Art


Sunday Drive Designs

Have you ever met someone and in the very instant you meet you know this is a lifetime friend? Becky is such a person in my life. We spend holidays together. During COVID, travel was too complicated and dangerous for her, but I went to her family for the December holidays and updated her on… Continue reading Sunday Drive Designs