Scott O’Gara’s Art

In my defense, I did try to think about ways to talk about how much I love everything this human does, but I think his work speaks for itself.

I’m opening this blog post with my favorite series he’s done so far. This is his Male Gaze series from a few years ago. Every time I post a picture of myself on the internet, I think about this series. It makes me feel so much better about social media in general because it is such a good reminder about sex positivity without the trash of toxic masculinity. See how I shorthanded explaining myself to get to my point because I am assuming you understand? You have this series to thank.

I also want to call out his work with Equip Clothing because I love the idea of bold clothing for children so much that I bought some for my nephews when they were born. I have another nephew coming and I’ll buy some for him, too.

Anyway, this is another shameless promo post. If you’ve ever been grateful I wear a metal spine when I ride a motorcycle or that I’m cautious about new people I meet at shows, say thanks to this guy for helping raise me right. Also, he taught me I have anime hair and should carry a giant sword like I’m always on a quest. For real, just buy things from this guy. I’m pretty sure I owe him you buying things.

Oh, he also makes board games. Contact him or follow his Instagram account for details.

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