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Skirting the edges

My biggest achievement in 2019 so far? Three people have asked for writing advice and I’ve been able to help. Yeah, I batted an eye, but I answered the questions. Also, some guy on Tinder tried to impress me with his literary taste. I scared him away with my three favorite author’s list. I didn’t… Continue reading Skirting the edges


Are you ready?

I have three blog posts to write for catch-up, but I'm about to skip town, and they honestly might be finished on my way to Portland, OR. So, I'd like to take a minute to say hi, we're here. This is the week I jump off a cliff and figure out how I want my… Continue reading Are you ready?


Bloggish Starts

August 2018 is a busy month and like every busy period in a person's life, it's not very different from any other month.  With each lost friend reconnect I make this month, I am tangibly closer to moving back to New York City and readjusting my entire life. I've been joking about being a mid-westerner with… Continue reading Bloggish Starts