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A ‘rona update

I want to tell you that everything is starting to fall in place and I caught COVID at the same exact time. Life remains hilarious.


“It takes calm to live a life on the edge”

My copy of Said No One Ever by Gregory Crosby is well loved with notes in nearly every margin, including full poetic responses, most loosely connected and responsive to the text. Generally, this is an act of love and goes unshared, but I wrote the author and shared a few of them. As the politest… Continue reading “It takes calm to live a life on the edge”


Hiding in Plain Sight

I watched Sex Education this week and was fascinated by how the entire show focuses on sexual dysfunction while treating attachment disorders of the primary characters. Things I sent to friends this week: This Letter Isn't for You by Erin Arata Amarylli Daceae by Sheila Black The Moment Your Life Crashes and Burns: On… Continue reading Hiding in Plain Sight