Hiding in Plain Sight

I watched Sex Education this week and was fascinated by how the entire show focuses on sexual dysfunction while treating attachment disorders of the primary characters.

Things I sent to friends this week:

This Letter Isn’t for You by Erin Arata https://therumpus.net/2019/01/enough-this-letter-isnt-for-you/

Amarylli Daceae by Sheila Black  https://www.thirdpointpress.com/2019/01/amaryllidaceae/

The Moment Your Life Crashes and Burns: On Divorce, Injury, and Questions Without Answers by Jill Gallagherhttps://catapult.co/stories/the-moment-of-the-crash-car-accident-divorce-questions-without-answers

And one I didn’t:

Three Lesbian Sex Positions by Courtney Gillette https://tinhouse.com/three-lesbian-sex-positions/

Something I listened to on repeat:

Cost Your Love – Miya Folick  https://open.spotify.com/track/6zNfINzG7Ub1Gk3eHUlZBM

What I managed to Edit:

Punk Rock Princess

Yearly, we laid her out:
oak hope chest
measurements of
longevity and strength,
notches of our pencils
along creased corners.

Annually, we removed
linens and toys:
futures emptied onto the floor,
scales holding a lifetime.
Her liberty spikes unbending
along corners;
marking this phase
where she left.

Until next Thursday, keep creating, everyone.

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