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A ‘rona update

I want to tell you that everything is starting to fall in place and I caught COVID at the same exact time. Life remains hilarious.

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Self-destruction is so played out/So is self-pity and self-doubt

So, I impromptu read at an open mic on Sunday. It was the late-oughts last time someone got me on a mic where I wasn't rabble-rousing or just stalling for time. I thought about my Kung Fu test when a board member asked me to do a form as though it was a poem where… Continue reading Self-destruction is so played out/So is self-pity and self-doubt

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Sly updates without social media notifications

Here's a flash piece written for a contest I did not win. I incorporated two pieces of feedback in this update. What you need to know about those pieces of feedback: I still can't keep track of time. It's nothing new, but maybe it's new that I understand how it connects my writing and my… Continue reading Sly updates without social media notifications


I have been so busy.

Whew, that July/August/September/October whirlwind. I am so glad it's over I'm considering making neon FOCUS signs to help get back where I was with life goals. While I'm making them, please enjoy this chapbook now available through an old Square account I had for knitting stuff. If you need a dish scrubber or a… Continue reading I have been so busy.


Can’t ever go home.

I waited sixteen years to get my Reiki 2 certification because I was afraid of healing emotional pain. This isn't a story about doing everything except healing. It's a story about looking at the scars and the open wounds. The way we tell ourselves they are too much. How we find someone else to heal… Continue reading Can’t ever go home.