I have been so busy.

Whew, that July/August/September/October whirlwind. I am so glad it’s over I’m considering making neon FOCUS signs to help get back where I was with life goals.

While I’m making them, please enjoy this chapbook now available through an old Square account I had for knitting stuff.


If you need a dish scrubber or a catnip mouse, I am still making them. I’ve removed everything else so no one is confused.

If you’re not interested in sending me money or you already sent me me (thank you!), here’s an essay I wrote. It’s listed as a book review, but neither the editor nor I actually wanted to just review the book. Really it’s a critical essay disguised as a book review. It was triggering to write. Hopefully I worked through enough of my garbage that it’s easier for you to read.

Toobin book covers


I am sorry this is only a plug for everything I’ve been doing. Still, I’m doing NaNoWriMo and you’ll hear from me a bunch next month. Maybe you’ll even get strories about craft and struggling.

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