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A ‘rona update

I don’t want to offer a full blog style update. Instead I want to tell you that everything is starting to fall in place and I caught COVID at the same exact time. Life remains hilarious.

I’m currently cat-sitting in an apartment that reminds me of where I lived with my ex-husband in Clinton Hill. They have not hung a tire swing like we did, but their creativity is everywhere else in the layout. I’m listening to November Rain on repeat while the first steady fall rain continues outside.

Being unable to go outside is always hard. Explanations are for my memoir. This is just me letting you know it’s been an emotional week and I’ve been writing poetry. Most won’t ever see beyond my notebook, but I like this one.

clearing my inbox
because I am not a monster
cat-sitting precisely one block
from where
you used to live

late night run to the corner store
where we used to shop
for sugary sweets
on our way
to not dating
(or even being in love)

insomnia comes
and like clockwork
I open that playlist you shared
back when you used
to worry

it’s been such a while
since I’ve missed you
that I hope
something is your fault
and you find some joy

It isn’t much, but it isn’t nothing. These streets remain haunted by so many people and I am handling it better than I have in a very long time.

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