Roll Your Joints Out

The most important thing I’ve learned this semester is all chi we can feel is defensive chi. It’s what creates our energy bubble. I knew that last bit, but it never occurred to me that the energy I use in Reiki is by default the same defensive energy. I learned this weeks ago and my mind is still blown.

If your chi is low, there are lots of great things to do. My favorite is a form of restorative yoga. It’s the most basic form.

Sit down. Pull on your toes with your hands. Move them around in circles. Change direction. Still using your hands, flex and point your foot. Move the ball of your foot around in a circle. Do the same with your ankle. If you’re up for it, stand up to do it again without your hands.

If standing is too much, it’s okay. You’re surviving a global pandemic. You’ve lived through so much and you forget how much it actually is.

Stretch your legs out in front of you. Plant your feet on the ground. Move your knees from side to side.

Again, it’s okay to stand and bend into your knees in a low squatting crouch position.

Probably you want to stay on the ground. Roll your legs right to left. Try to turn your entire leg as you roll it. Using your arms to reach across your body, lean into your right hip against the floor. Do it again on the left side.

Take a break. Drink some water. Breathe.

Twist your spine. Can’t feel it? Bend one leg so the knee is on the ground with the foot to the side of you. Place the other foot on the outside of that knee with that knee bent above the leg on the ground. Twist toward the leg that’s sticking up. Switch legs and sides. Pretend you’re a belly dancer. Move your torso in small circles. Laugh at how ridiculous all this is. Try to only move your ribs. Now only your shoulders.

Relax again. Water. Breathe.

Roll your shoulders backwards. Try to touch your shoulder blades to one another behind you. Roll your shoulders to the front with the same intensity.

Put your arms in front of you and move your forearms in small circles. Go the other way. Roll your wrists toward your center. Now roll them away. If you’re ambitious now, make figure eights or other shapes. Swing your arms like you just don’t care. Shake your whole body for a few seconds.

Now, slowly, roll your neck to the right. Stop whenever it feels good. Roll it the other way.

If you want to roll any other joints, go back to them. Move them in a way that feels good.

You did it. You went through the whole body. Sit here for a second before you lie down.

Lay down. Feel your spine against the floor.

When you’re done, tell yourself it’s okay to stay here until you’re ready to get up again. Feel your chi bubble. It will move with you. The choice to open it and share is yours.

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