BASS 1998; Harlem, 2005

This summer, all summer, shootings have been on the rise. I am working on vignettes about the present. But also, I think about Bob Owens all the time. Our last hug as I left the city in 2009, presumably forever. How I pulled back after squeezing tight to ask, "What the hell is wrong? You're… Continue reading BASS 1998; Harlem, 2005

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Self-destruction is so played out/So is self-pity and self-doubt

So, I impromptu read at an open mic on Sunday. It was the late-oughts last time someone got me on a mic where I wasn't rabble-rousing or just stalling for time. I thought about my Kung Fu test when a board member asked me to do a form as though it was a poem where… Continue reading Self-destruction is so played out/So is self-pity and self-doubt

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Sly updates without social media notifications

Here's a flash piece written for a contest I did not win. I incorporated two pieces of feedback in this update. What you need to know about those pieces of feedback: I still can't keep track of time. It's nothing new, but maybe it's new that I understand how it connects my writing and my… Continue reading Sly updates without social media notifications


Meditations without Focus

I call a friend to let them know I’ve read too much news. One hour is fine, but anything more is dangerous. We jokingly say, “Call a friend.” I remember it being connected to a gameshow, but I have no idea why it’s still funny. Whenever worry strikes, I think of who I know is… Continue reading Meditations without Focus


I have been so busy.

Whew, that July/August/September/October whirlwind. I am so glad it's over I'm considering making neon FOCUS signs to help get back where I was with life goals. While I'm making them, please enjoy this chapbook now available through an old Square account I had for knitting stuff. https://squareup.com/store/visola If you need a dish scrubber or a… Continue reading I have been so busy.