Mt. Vernon

The Perseides

There's something about August. Every year I spend the first four days reminding myself my father's birthday is coming. Then it's August 5th and I'm surprised to realize it's my father's birthday. Some years I'm able to deal with it, but this was a year where he got a frantic voicemail late in the day.… Continue reading The Perseides

Pre-move Travel, Texas

I forgot to take pictures in Austin.

You’re in Austin, TX. It’s a place you’ve wanted to visit since you learned about Jim Hightower in 2002. For a while after, you didn't care about it. This year when a work opportunity came up, you thought about your friends and said sure. Now you are here and unsure if this is a work… Continue reading I forgot to take pictures in Austin.


Bloggish Starts

August 2018 is a busy month and like every busy period in a person's life, it's not very different from any other month.  With each lost friend reconnect I make this month, I am tangibly closer to moving back to New York City and readjusting my entire life. I've been joking about being a mid-westerner with… Continue reading Bloggish Starts