Bloggish Starts

August 2018 is a busy month and like every busy period in a person’s life, it’s not very different from any other month.  With each lost friend reconnect I make this month, I am tangibly closer to moving back to New York City and readjusting my entire life. I’ve been joking about being a mid-westerner with a New York City background as being a cliche out of place. There’s an element of acceptance here I’m also having to understand and readers will probably explore that with me. What makes this month stand out is that it’s the last stable one before I see what all of this change looks like from the road and moving back to New York City.

Today I’m flying to Austin, TX partially for a work conference and partially to see a few lovely people. This should be the low-risk way to start this blog. So far, the focus is on remembering how to tailor the story. Imagine I’m on a high dive and this post is where I reach the top of the ladder. My next move will be to walk the board and when I position on the end, the whole room will have to remember to keep breathing. Maybe we’ll talk about the board as a plank, but honestly if we weren’t all thinking about it that way already, our breath wouldn’t be an issue.

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