Hiding in Plain Sight

I watched Sex Education this week and was fascinated by how the entire show focuses on sexual dysfunction while treating attachment disorders of the primary characters. Things I sent to friends this week: This Letter Isn't for You by Erin Arata Amarylli Daceae by Sheila Black The Moment Your Life Crashes and Burns: On… Continue reading Hiding in Plain Sight


A Week in the Air #idunno

Friday: Rewrite my dating profile as a black magic healing spell I’ve sung before. Saturday: Ruminations on schedule. Do you remember the time I tried to like beer? You figuratively held my hair when I refused to leave the toilet. You made out with the cute, large-breasted woman. I was bleary, but it was hot and I’m still not mad. Eventually,… Continue reading A Week in the Air #idunno

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Skirting the edges

My biggest achievement in 2019 so far? Three people have asked for writing advice and I’ve been able to help. Yeah, I batted an eye, but I answered the questions. Also, some guy on Tinder tried to impress me with his literary taste. I scared him away with my three favorite author’s list. I didn’t… Continue reading Skirting the edges


A Strange Moral Compass

I’ve been struggling to write about the rest of my trip. Not because it was uneventful or I don’t think anyone will be interested. It’s too personal. Writing about my body and what happened while I was on the road, the emotions of seeing so many family members and close friends; that’s some of the… Continue reading A Strange Moral Compass


I’ve got highways for stretch marks, see where I’ve grown?

Yesterday I woke up certain I knew who I was and where I was going. I wanted to write lists of details. This is who I’ve been. At 6 am I fought with my alarm, acted out “that crazy, annoying American in my hostel” and made package camp coffee before leaving for the bus. I… Continue reading I’ve got highways for stretch marks, see where I’ve grown?