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Skirting the edges

My biggest achievement in 2019 so far? Three people have asked for writing advice and I’ve been able to help. Yeah, I batted an eye, but I answered the questions.

Also, some guy on Tinder tried to impress me with his literary taste. I scared him away with my three favorite author’s list. I didn’t bat an eye.

In other news, I’m reading Nadja, creating a marketing plan to get myself paid writing work, and trying to value my time. What I can say for sure is — I write a solid email and my text messages are less spastic again. I had a nightmare that will make an okay short story. If I enjoyed world building, I had a dream that could make for an interesting story. I’ve written both down, but this week teacher friends are on break and I am making time to see anyone I can. This won’t last. They’re all directing me to writing workshops.

If you’ve got my number and you’ve been telling me you love me, don’t stop. If you’ve been asking me about writing, keep asking. I’ll be posting about writing once a week. Hopefully next week this thing will be clever.

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