Marivic Pinedo

When I first met Marivic, I realized that even though she was smaller than me, she could take me in almost any fight. After months (possibly years) of training together, she was the only person who could get me to focus long enough to do the Double Sinawali Arnis Forms without missing a beat. It is my great honor to share some of her art, beginning with a piece that inspires me on the regular.

I showed up at a sign making party where Marivic had printed a small stack of her heart fist design. We used them on everything we could and felt empowered. Sure, we were making protest signs so that might have happened anyway, but this baddie instantaneously inspired the entire room.

More than conversations about art and politics or even martial arts, Marivic’s eye for light captures my breath.

Marivic’s blog is filled with delightful images. She hasn’t been as active on it, but who’s been as active as they were? Check it out for the first time anyway and remember what it was like to explore the world with only smaller amounts of worry.

Also, as is typical for this series, here’s one that lives in my home and a small collection of others that are still available on